1. roger ballen: asylum of the birds

  2. the animal - digital art by samuel pettersson

    (Source: behance.net)

  3. by Daniel Picard

    (Source: danielpicard.com)

  4. sweet punch by thordis rüggeberg

    (Source: thordisrueggeberg.de)

  5. bent objects by terry border

  6. from love to bingo

  7. cloned photos

    ""Cloned Photos" is a mini-series that began to develop from my 365 Days of Clones series and has now continued with my 52 Weeks of Star Wars.

    Although the concept of recreating historical images is not original, I believe I have put a new twist on the idea. Cloned Photos uses Clone Troopers and other Star Wars characters to recreate important and historical images.”

  8. photography by christopher boffoli

    (Source: bigappetites.net)

  9. car poolers by alejandor cartagena

    "Alejandro Cartagena lives and works in Monterrey, Mexico. His projects employ landscape and portraiture as a means to examine social, urban and environmental issues. His work also engages with a larger history of  photography by reinterpreting or  rethinking the ways in which poignant issues have been addressed or represented in the past. Cartagena’s work has been exhibited and published internationally, and is in several public and private collections in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and the United States."

    (Source: alejandrocartagena.com)

  10. Life after

    photography by araminta de clermont

    "This series is an exploration into the tattoos, and lives, of members of South Africa’s ‘Numbers’ prison gangs (the 26s, 27s & 28s) after having been released back into society, normally after many years, if not decades, of imprisonment.

    Tattooing has always been forbidden in the South African prison system, with severe penalties, but the drive to create these marks is so strong that tattooing equipment will be created somehow.Pigment will come from grinding up rubbish bins, industrial rubber washers, batteries, or bricks. This will then be mixed with saliva, and will be pushed under the skin with nails pulled out of furniture, or sewing needles.”

  11. superdog

  12. photos by robbie augspurger

    (Source: robbieaugspurger.com)

  13. art by asgar carlsen

  14. girls and their room by rania matar

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  15. old superheroes

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